Madisons Stuffed Burger

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Stuffed Burgers in Madison

Our Burger Story On a trip to Minnesota to visit his sister our owner Ryan came across a burger that blew is mind, the Juicy Lucy!! As it says in the name, the Lucy was juicy and full of cheesy goodness due it being stuffed with all the ingredients that usually come on top of a burger. As he enjoyed the many flavors of this succulent burger Ryan couldn't help but think of the all the amazing tastes he could bring back to the Baldwin Street Grille. As a result of this experience the Baldwin "Stuffed" Bubbie Burgers were born!! We are the only place in town that will put the outsides on the inside for you. Once you go Bubbie you'll never go back!

Meet Bubbie

our inspiration for our Bubbie Burger


Meet Bubbie - Our inspiration for the Bubbie burgers